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IDX Broker Platinum's Listing Manager tool gives you and your clients the ability to save properties your customers are interested in. While your clients can manage their saved properties themselves, there may be times when you will want to do this for them. Save properties for your clients in order to demonstrate the value of working with a Realtor who can provide direct access to accurate and timely listing data. Below, we'll explain how to manage saved properties for clients.

Click Leads in the main menu, Leads in the submenu, and Manage from the dropdown menu.

All of your leads are stored here. You can see which leads already have saved properties by viewing the columns labeled and (short for Saved Searches and Saved Properties). To view the details of a lead's Saved Properties, you can click on the number displayed the P column, or click the Edit icon  under the Tools column and then clicking the Saved Properties tab.

Adding a New Saved Property
To add a new saved property click the Add/Edit Saved Properties button at the bottom of the screen:

Here, you will see all of the lead's saved properties in a table. To add a new saved property to this list, click the Add Saved Property link above the top right corner of the table.

Enter in the Saved Property Name. This name can be anything you would like. You could use the name of the neighborhood or subdivision for the listing. Leave the Receive Updates box checked if you would like this lead to receive email updates when the data for this listing changes (price change, remarks change, etc.). If you have multiple MLS's on your account, use the dropdown menu provided to choose which MLS the listing is in. Finally, use the Listing # box to enter in the MLS ID number for the listing you would like to save for this lead. 

When you are done, click 
Save Changes.

Edit an Existing Saved Property
To edit an existing saved property, click the Edit icon  under the Tools column for the saved property you would like to edit.

On the Edit Saved Property Screen, you can rename the property, change the email updates preference, or change the MLS and listing ID number for the listing. Simply make any changes you would like, and click Saved Changes at the bottom of the page.

Managing Saved Properties
You can use the tools provided in the Saved Properties table to further manage your lead's properties. Under the Tools column, use thePreview icon  to quickly view the details of the saved propety in a pop-up window. Saved property details include the saved property name and details page URL. There is also a link you can use to view the listing details in a new browser window or tab.

Use the Trash icon  under the Tools column to delete an individual Saved Property.

You can also delete saved properties in batches by using the checkboxes to the left of each saved property, and then clicking the Deletelink at the bottom of the screen.

Sorting and Finding Saved Properties
You can sort your saved properties by clicking any of the column headings to sort by that column.

If your lead has a lot of Saved Properties, you can search for a particular property by using the Search box provided above the top right corner of the saved properties table. Once you type something into this box, the table will automatically update to display only saved properties containing the search term you specified.

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